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Hey Moment Maker, I’m B, thanks for checking me out. *buh dum tish*

Seriously though, welcome, here’s a little about me. Let’s see, I was born in Georgia, growing up with big dreams of Hollywood and Broadway. If you ever catch me singing, it’s a treat. Spoiler alert, I’m always singing. (mostly in my head these days)

After a few strengthening moments and 2 wonderful children. I found myself building a brand on social media. A brand that’s changed but made me, me. 

I’ve taken risks, started businesses, been featured in USA Today and Voyage ATL. I’ve traveled to California, Arizona, and DC connecting people with brands. I would model and do cameos in news castings. But what I found was a need. A need for someone to capture the real moments.

With the rise of TikTok like content, social media has changed and I found my purpose within it. I call myself the Moments Mentor because I’m here to inspire and guide others to be confident to post the moments most don’t see. Post the magic of your creation!  

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