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Do you ever feel so caught up in the moment you forget to film the process? Don’t you wish your social media audience could see and experience those moments? 

What about at home? Don’t you wish you had a physical form of your online presence? 

What if you had someone in your corner capturing those moments through professional photography and videography? What if you had access to a handmade keepsake memory book that you could show off at parties? 

That’s what I specialize in. I am the master at seeing the magic, capturing it, and developing creative ways to share it!

Hiya, I’m Bryttany Victoria “The Moments Master”

But you can just call me “B”! 

Moments with B began as a way to capture and amplify the behind the scenes moments of brands and businesses online.

But we realized there was a need for translating the magic offline as well. Which is how we developed out product line!

The products we sell are reminding busy people everywhere that behind the scenes are where cherished moments are made.

Bryttany Victoria is the photographer and magical mind behind Moments with B. Her passion for photography stems from her love of supporting and amplifying the moments authentically beautiful.

Connect with B. "Behind the Scenes"


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Behind the Scenes, Lifestyle, and Event Photography are my JAM. Seeing the little moments and being a fly in the room. Creating a Reel/TikTok that captures the process from start to finish. Capturing the Magic of who you are. 

All so you can focus on shining!

Offline Moments Shop

The moments are made offline but we post them all online. I’m hoping to change that or at least influence it a bit. My products are all about remembering the moments in a physical form. 

You can find keepsake books, calendars, planners, and puzzles all handmade by me in Downtown Woodstock at Made Mercantile!

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